Your vocation to communal life is beautiful.

Does your website share that beauty with the world?


Your community can have a new, beautiful, customized website for a clear, no-nonsense price. No surprise fees or extra hourly charges.

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People "Meet" Your Community Through Your Website

Young woman praying

A young woman who might have a vocation.

(And sees your site on her mobile phone.)

Dad kissing baby

A Catholic who might be called to support your work.

But On Your Current Site, What Do They See?

You know what your community is really like. But all a new visitor can see is your website.
Do they see a site that is:

Young woman praying
Ugly? Even broken?

On a mobile phone, is the site even usable?

Dad kissing baby
No Updates in Years?

They might wonder whether your community still exists.

Dad kissing baby

How hard is it to contact you?
To give a donation?

If This Sounds Like Your Current Site,

I Can Help

Bill Powell
Wineskin Websites

I’ve been making websites for over ten years, with a special focus on religious communities, non-profits, and small businesses. Believe me, websites can be hard. I’ve heard it all:

  • Developers who charge hundreds of dollars per hour to make simple changes
  • Or “do it yourself” software that makes even simple changes excruciating.
  • And making your website beautiful? Who does that? Instead they build you a standard-issue website that looks like a business.

Work with a Catholic who appreciates your vocation!

On a personal note, I'm an active Catholic. I'm a graduate of the Franciscan University of Steubenville, and my wife Beth and I have been blessed with several amazing children. It's my honor to help your community share your work with the world.

The truth is, you can have a beautiful website that you can easily update and add pages to yourself.

And you can get it for a flat price...


Monastic Sites Logo

A website solution designed exclusively for religious communities.


A beautiful theme, customized with your logo, your chosen color scheme, and a unique background for your site.

Here are examples of color schemes and backgrounds from other sites I’ve made.


Or choose from hundreds of other professional themes.

Guaranteed gorgeous on mobile devices.

(Which is probably how your next sister will see it first.)

Easily edit and add unlimited new pages yourself.

Monastic Sites run on WordPress, the web software that millions of other “non-techies” have learned to use and love.

Pages on your current site are moved to your new site.

You may not like the look of your current site, but still want the content on your current pages. We’ll get them safely to your new site. And they’ll all be laid out with the beautiful new look.

(Up to 100 pages at no extra cost. Need more? No problem at all, just contact me below.)

Guaranteed secure, with the lowest cost security and hosting package you'll find anywhere.
Personal, one-on-one support as we set up your site, and 30 days FREE support after the launch (just in case).

Support via phone, email or even online chat — your choice.

All the resources you need to become a champion administrator of your new website.

For this value, you could easily spend $5,000 or more.

Especially when you consider all these benefits:

  • Beautiful, customized theme
  • Migrating in the pages from your current site
  • Full initial support
  • Learn how to use the site yourself going forward
  • And add unlimited new pages at no extra cost, ever
  • Work with an active Catholic father and husband
  • Incredibly low ongoing security maintenance cost (less than $10/month)!

With all this, your new website would be a great bargain even for a one-time setup fee of $5,000.

But I'm happy to offer you all this value at a much lower cost.

Because with all my experience, I can get your website made with serious efficiency.

And I know from experience that working with religious is an absolute delight.

So we can get you a new, lovely website ready to go in a week ...

All for a one-time setup price of

$5,000  $3,350

And $99/year for hosting and security.

That's it.

*You'll also continue your current "domain registration" to keep your web address (like, but that should only cost $15 or less per year.

Ready? Apply now to avoid delays!

Because I give each site my personal attention, I can only take on a few sites at a time. If applications are currently closed, there may be a lengthy wait.


Click now to fill out your short application and secure your spot with an initial payment of $850. This payment is 100% refundable for ANY REASON up until you approve your site and it goes live.
Not sure yet? No problem.
I'd love to talk.

Email me at:

I’ll reply within two business days. Thanks so much for reaching out! A website is a big investment of both money and time, and I’m happy to discuss the details with no commitment for you to buy.

You can also contact me if you think you might need extra features not listed here. I’d be delighted to design you a custom package.

bill powell

Bill Powell, Wineskin Websites

Clients Love Working With Wineskin

testimonial profile 1 “Heartfelt thanks to Bill Powell … who developed this website and with infinite patience and contagious enthusiasm taught the nuns to maintain it ourselves.”

Carmelite Monastery of the Infant of Prague

Traverse City, Michigan

testimonial profile 2 “You are competent and honest and communicate very well (a rare quality in a techie :) ).”

Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles

Gower, Missouri

testimonial profile 3 “We have never found anyone who has understood what we wanted…something simple but beautiful... You don’t realize how rare you are!”

Our Lady of Good Counsel Church

Kansas City, Missouri

"We wanted a beautiful website that would attract vocations to the life we love. All of our current candidates and inquirers have encountered us first through our website. We are so grateful to Bill Powell for his expertise, humor and appreciation of our monastic vocation!"

Carmel of St. Therese of Lisieux
Loretto, Pennsylvania

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